Strip wax or hard waxing?
Strip waxing
Strip waxing is probably the methode, which most people associate with waxing. The wax is applied and then
removed by a strip of paper placed on top. Strip waxing is quick and easy if you want things over with fast and
Hard wax
Despite the name hard wax is not hard and maybe naming it soft wax would be more apt. After the wax is
applied, it is left to cool on the skin, untill its constistence is soft and rubbery. It is then pulled off together with
any unwanted hairs. This methode of waxing takes longer and costs more. It is however gentler to the skin. If
you have never tried waxing before and you are little nervous to try, then this could be the way to get started
without having to fear pain or discomfort. For hard waxing we use solely quality wax, which soothes the skin
and reduces reddishness.
Important to know before and after the treatment
Do not shave two weeks prior to waxing, as this will cause the hair to be too short for waxing.
Prior to brazilian/tanga please trim the hair to a length of approximately 0,5-1 cm to obtain the best result, -
better a little too long than too short. If the hair is too long or too short, will not be able to do the treatment.
Recommend you to get the calming gel which reduce redness and close pores and peeling cream to help keep
the area free from ingrown hair.
As the area is sensitive a slight reddishness can occur the first day, but it will quickly fade away. The first day
after the treatment you should avoid sauna, sun bath, swimingpool, fitness, warm bath until the reddishness is
The treatment should be repeated approximately every fourth week.
Strip wax
Thighs 300dkk
From knee and down + feet                                                300 dkk
Entire legs + feet                                                                 400 dkk
Entire legs + feet + bikini line/tanga 550dkk
Bikini line/Tanga                                                                  250 dkk
Brazilian, incl. anus, normal hair growth (women only)  400 dkk
Buttocks                                                                               150 dkk
Anus (women only)                                                             150 dkk
Armpits                                                                                 150 dkk
Arms                                                                                      250 dkk
Back/loin incl. shoulders (normal hair growth)                 350 dkk
Belly (normal hair growth)                                                  150 dkk
Chest (normal hair growth)                                                 160 dkk
Shoulders or loin                                                                 150 dkk
Hard wax
Tanga 300dkk
Brazilian, incl. anus, normal hair growth (women only)  500 dkk 
Anus (only woman)                                                             160 dkk