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If you wish to book an appointment, you can use our booking system (the Orange Button), call us at number 60 66 65 50 during working hours, send a text massage to this number at any time, write to email info@hairlab.dk, or chat with us on Facebook. We will respond as soon as we can. We speak English, Danish and Russian.

The same if you wish to cancel your appointment or if you have questions or comments.

Our staff has great experience and are always aware of what is the latest news in the hair fashion.



Veronika - frisør, stylist og chef for HairLab. 12 år i branchen. Kan lave de vildeste frisurer og farver. Sprog: dansk, engelsk, russisk

Veronika – stylist and owner of HairLab, with 12 years of expirience. Can do the wildest cut&colors. Speaks: English, Danish and Russian

Lisette - hairstylist with 15 years of experience. Speaks: English and a bit Danish

Lisette – hairstylist with 15 years of experience. Speaks: English and a bit Danish


Nana – hairdresser/stylist, 13 years experience. Is a great specialist in keratin treatment and perm. curls. Speaks: Danish, Russian, Georgian, Kurmanji, Sorani, Armenian and a bit English

Julia – Permanent MakeUp Artist and very experienced Lash Maker. Speaks: Russian, English, a bit Danish


Inga – Cosmetologist with a great knowledge about facail treatments, offers also hair removal

Сашо - массажист с большим стажем. Предлагает спортивный, расслабляющий, лечебный и пр. виды массажа. Языки: болгарский, русский, немного датский

Sasho – masseur with a great expirience, offers sport-, klassisk-, relax-, and other kind of massage. Speaks: Bulgarian, Russian, a bit Danish


Xenia – Lash Maker, can do any shapes and volume, very attentive to clients. Speaks: English, Russian, a bit Danish

Renata – a very skilled Nail Artist. Offers any kind of manicure, shellac, gel nails, art design, peducure. Speaks: English, Russian, Lithuanian, a little Danish



You are welcome to take a virtual trip in our salon

Salon is located on the big street and is very easy to find.  2 minute walk from the subway Forum, 5-10 minutes by bike from the very center of Copenhagen, 3 minutes by car to the town hall or the Main Station.
 Welcome to our beauty salon in Copenhagen!