Eyelash Extensions

It's an amazing solution for you who want to have stunning lashes when you jump out of bed



Eyelash Extensions is a great solution, artificial lashes can be applied to any kind of lashes.

We use synthetic materials, available in a variety of lengths and thickness, so you have opportunity to choose a casual everyday look or a more intense and dramatic look .

Each artificial lash put one by one on top of your own lashes, making them rich and tight. It gives the greatest result.


Before the application:

1) Remove mascara and make-up before you go, or at least 30 minutes prior to application.

2) There should be no traces of make-up remover on your lashes, as it reduces durability.

3) Your own lashes can be tinted before application, preferably the day before.


After the application:

1) No bathing, solarium or sauna in the first 24 hours after application .

It takes 24 hours for the glue to cure.

2) Long hot baths can reduce life of your Eyelash Extensions.

3) Dab eyes gently after bath with eye pads or towel. If you rub, it will quickly remove your patch lashes.

4) Mascara may be used but must be oil free.

5) Eye Make-up Remover should be oil free.

6) Be careful when removing make-up and mascara.

7) Avoid lying face down in the pillow when you sleep when you can break the lashes.

8) Approximately 15% of your own lashes renew each month and therefore it is normal that some of the lashes, where your Eyelash Extensions sitting will fall off.

9) Do not remove the lashes yourself, as you risk breaking your own lashes. You will need an approved solvent to special glue. Contact us so we can remove them.

10) We recommend a small refill approx. every 14 days. Durability is very individual, and sometimes your Eyelash Extensions last longer.


From natural to full and more dramatical volume




New set   950 dkk
1,5 hour refill   700 dkk
1 hour refill   500 dkk
45 min. refill   400 dkk
Single Extensions mixed with 2d/3d Lashes   1050 dkk
2D/3D volume lash set   1200 dkk
Hollywood Lashes 4D-7D new set   1350 dkk
Removal af Lashes   250 dkк

Please, note, that you have to book min. 1 hour refill if you have volume lashes