Hair NailsLash extensions

Hairdresser for Ladies

Wash – Cut – Style 490 dkk
Trimming the Ends 350 dkk
- without Wash & Style  
Short Style Refresher 150 dkk
- cutting around the ears and neck  
Color - Short Hair 650 dkk
Color - Medium Hair 790 dkk
Color - Long Hair from 930 dkk
High/low-lights, Short   from 900 dkk
High/low-lights, Medium from 1200 dkk
High/low-lights, Long from 1400 dkk
Removal of Color from 650 dkk
Special Color like Raccoon Tail, Ombre, Balayage, Dip-in etc. after individual agreement.
Shaping of Eyebrows 120 dkk
Eyelash Tint 120 dkk
Eyebrow Tint 100 dkk
- The whole package 300 dkk
Perm. Curls short (over shoulders) Hair with Cut  1100 dkk
Perm. Curls medium (around shoulders) Hair with Cut  1350 dkk
Perm. Curls short (longer than shoulders) Hair with Cut  1600 dkk

Hairdresser for Gentlemen

Wash & Haircut 400 dkk
Quick Cut 300 dkk
Cut with the Machine only 150 dkk
Short style refresher 150 dkk
Sun-kiss in the top 350 dkk
Quick Color blending with a Cut 590 dkk
Permanent Curls in the top 800 dkk
Permanent Curls - full head, short hair 1100 dkk

Hairdresser for Kids

Mini trim for babies 150 dkk
Under 6 years old 250 dkk
6 years old to 13 years 300 dkk

+ 10% extra to all hairdresser prices Saturday-Sunday & holydays