Manicure and Pedicure – Prices

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We offer nail treatments of the highest quality for very reasonable prices - you don't find the same combination many other places.

If you wish something special - this is the right place, our nail technician can do the most amazing nail art, most of the designs are handmade, for some others you can choose stickers with many different designs.

All manicures are with shaping and beautification of nails, care and shaping of cuticle, buffing and and oil.



Mini Manicure: shaping of cuticle and nails, buffing 200 dkk
Manicure: + soaking, cuticle cut, massage 300 dkk
Spa Manicure: + scrub, mask 350 dkk
+Shellac/french 125/175 dkk
Removal of old Shellac 50/100 dkk
Design per nail 25 dkk


Pedicure: foot soak, nail shaping, clipping, care and shape of cuticle, callous softening, footcream with massage, polish, oil 400 dkk
Spa Pedicure:  + scrub, mask 450 dkk

Full Package (manicure + pedicure)

Manicure +  Pedicure 600 dkk
Spa Manicure + Spa Pedicure 700 dkk
+ Shellac/French  hands and feet 200/250 dkk

Nails extensions with gel system

Nail Extensions - Full Set with shellac 700 dkk
Single Nail Repair 80 dkk
Fill with shellac 550 dkk
Removal of old Nails 150 dkk
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